The Radar: Nepal’s Shrinking Annapurna Circuit, Montreal Jazz Fest, Treehouse Hotels

  • One of Nepal’s most famous and challenging treks—the 250-kilometer Annapurna Circuit—is set to undergo massive changes. A new road will cut the trek almost in half, turning the first 10 days of the hike into a 2-day drive. The development will give tourists and developers easier access to the region, but many worry about the negative impact it may have on local guides. [BBC]
  • If you’re thinking of heading to Montreal this summer, now might be the best time to visit the city. The 32nd annual Montreal Jazz Fest runs from June 25th through July 4th, and will include concerts by renowned artists and newcomers alike. Diana Krall, Ben Harper, and Pink Martini are just a few names on the schedule. [Montreal Jazz Fest]
  • Looking for unconventional accommodations? Try a treehouse. From the U.K. to New Zealand, these off-beat hotels can be found in a surprising variety of forms—rustic, traditional, modernist, and even luxurious. [The Independent]

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