Office chairs

The proximity of your chair to the computer desk and the distance of your eyes from the monitor, every single position and posture impacts your body. Superficially, an office job may not appear particularly tiring or hectic, especially when compared to working in factories. However, it can prove physically debilitating if you do not sit on the right kind of office chair. The importance of the correct type of office chairs has been recognised by most modern business houses, the reason why most of them are resorting to ergonomic office furnishings. Almost every city has seen a change in furnishing but, gearforce has brought an overnight change in Melbourne with its product range – office chairs melbourne. You should check it out if you are in that city.

Benefits of Investing in the Right Office Chairs

Some of the main reasons that have been cited by experts for the need for proper office chairs are:

Health: An office chair must be designed to support the backbone, in order to help the spine retain its natural posture when sitting for prolonged periods. Unless this happens, the lower back suffers because all the body weight while sitting rests on that particular region. A static posture for a long time period increases pressure on the back, neck, thighs, arms as well as shoulders. Furthermore, some people are in the habit of slouching over. This posture overstretches the spinal ligaments, strains the discs and harms other spinal structures, thus intensifying the back ache. A good office chair will be contoured to your body, thus ensuring optimal health.

Work quality: A good chair will keep you comfortable all day long. In the process, it will make it easier for you to stay at your desk and complete your tasks. All this will result in better performance and higher output. Moreover, discomfort can also lead to quicker burnout. You can prevent this with the right kind of office chair.

Office appearance: Good chairs will also improve the overall appearance of the office and help retain a positive ambience. When clients visit your office, you would obviously like to exhibit a level of professionalism and quality, both of which can easily be acquired through good quality office furnishings.



Auto Attendant System for Your Voicemail Number

An auto attendant system works with the rest of a business’s communication structure, including voicemail and call forwarding. With the busier lifestyle people have today, there is a high demand for the ability to stay connected through different technological tools. One of these is voicemail. Through a web-based system, users can communicate with different people, particularly with business contacts..

An auto attendant system ensures an efficient and effective handling of incoming and outgoing calls to your business phone number.

What are the features of auto attendant system?

  • The main features of the auto attendant system are voice mail, caller identity, fax to email, call screening, call waiting, dial by name, extension numbers and call forwarding.
  • The auto attendant system acts as a receptionist. Through pre-recorded professional-sounding welcome messages, you can be assured that all calls will be answered promptly. After the greeting, callers are directed to the right person or extension. The auto attendant system can distinguish the destination of the call based on the choices made by the caller.
  • Depending on your phone service provider, you can have custom greetings for your auto attendant. You can also use a different message for different days, business hours and holidays.
  • Multiple calls can be managed by the system. It can answer every call, eliminating busy signals and lost customers.
  • One of the most important features of the system is call forwarding. With this, no business call will be missed again. Calls will be forwarded by the auto attendant to whoever the person wants to talk with. It will also be forwarded to alternate phone extension numbers such as the recipients cell phone number.

When you have an auto attendant system, you will not be missing any important communication related to business matters such as products, deals, and services. Availing the system will not cost you that much either, as there are different budget options that address your needs and preferences. With the auto attendant system tied in to your voicemail number, the progress and efficiency of your business is ensured.


The Radar: Nepal’s Shrinking Annapurna Circuit, Montreal Jazz Fest, Treehouse Hotels

  • One of Nepal’s most famous and challenging treks—the 250-kilometer Annapurna Circuit—is set to undergo massive changes. A new road will cut the trek almost in half, turning the first 10 days of the hike into a 2-day drive. The development will give tourists and developers easier access to the region, but many worry about the negative impact it may have on local guides. [BBC]
  • If you’re thinking of heading to Montreal this summer, now might be the best time to visit the city. The 32nd annual Montreal Jazz Fest runs from June 25th through July 4th, and will include concerts by renowned artists and newcomers alike. Diana Krall, Ben Harper, and Pink Martini are just a few names on the schedule. [Montreal Jazz Fest]
  • Looking for unconventional accommodations? Try a treehouse. From the U.K. to New Zealand, these off-beat hotels can be found in a surprising variety of forms—rustic, traditional, modernist, and even luxurious. [The Independent]

Exploring Canadas Capital City Ottawa Ontario

As predicted the day dawned bright and sunny, so we hit the main sights of Ottawa including Parliament Hill, the famous Rideau Canal and Locks a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Fairmont Chateau Laurier, National Gallery of Canada, the stunning Cathedral, Byward Market – basically the staples of our trade!

Ottawa was officially named the capital of the then province of Canada on December 31, 1857 by Queen Victoria. Although there are many stories surrounding how she arrived at her decision to make Ottawa the capital – it is generally believed that the primary reason was due to the location of the city – far from the US border and therefore safe from invasion (following the war of 1812).

There have been many significant personalities who’ve gained themselves a place in Ottawa’s and Canada’s history books – some have even been immortalised in bronze. Statues of many of these people have been posted at various locations throughout the city in places such as Parliament Hill.

We ended the daylight shooting at the Byward Market again and looked for another eatery – this time an Italian restaurant called Oregano’s and this time it didn’t rain – bonus!!

After dinner we wandered over to Nepean for a panoramic view of Parliament Hill, Rideau River, Canal, and Locks, Ottawa River, and Gatineau in Quebec. It was a beautiful evening and in complete contrast to the night before.

The nights are still pretty cool but it seems that the days are starting to warm up.